A little at a time

Block stitch blanket. My current project.


It is as long as my dining table, maybe a little longer. I love the black base with splashes of colours. This stitch is so easy to do and so nice and neat looking. I can’t wait till more is completed. Can’t wait until it is finished. It’ll be ours. A nice big blanket for the couch or bed. Making it with an acrylic yarn, my favourite. So easy to work with and it becomes nice and soft after a couple of washes. It’ll be a while before it is completed. And I have another couple of projects to do.. someone else is expecting their first baby and I’ve agreed to make a couple baby blankets for her. Maybe even a beanie or baby cardigan because her baby will be born in the winter. Can’t wait to get started on that project.

After the kids are in bed, if they ever go to bed that is. Currently fighting with them. I might work more on the block stitch or start on one of the baby’s blankets. Might even learn a new stitch.


3 thoughts on “A little at a time

      1. I would love to say I made something similar, few years back. but the truth is, I never finished it 😦 I`m not even sure what happened to it. Well story of my life… 🙂 But good luck with all your projects

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