Crossed puff stitch

As I mentioned earlier about needing to make a baby blanket for an old coworker that used to work with my husband. She is a nice woman and is expecting her first. They aren’t finding out if it’s a girl or boy. The husband has offered for me to make them a baby blanket and gift basket.

I went on a search for different patterns. Found a couple and really liked this pattern on pinterest from a site called

This is a photo I saw on there.. it really grabbed my attention. Thought .. why not give that a go.



Here’s the pattern I am following..

It seems to be coming together. The ends are a little hard to move to the next row. But I think I did alright.

These are the colours I am using.. they can be used for either girl or boy. Love pale blues and greens for babies.



I couldn’t find where it said which sized hook to use, but thought a 5.5mm hook would be good.

It is very soft and fluffy.


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