Cross stitch

My mother has been visiting us this past week and it has been really fun and really great! Loving it!

Went to the mall today and was nearing the end of the free parking on the ticket. Was headed to the car and we walked past Lincraft… looked at the ticket Nd though .. hmmm we have enough time, lets go have a look.

No money on me. Walking through to get ideas and inspiration. Went through the cross stitch section and asked my oldest if she’d be interested in cross stitching. She gabe me the stink eye and said in a very preteen way .. “NOooo way”.. well okay then.

Came across a funny one and thought that it’d be perfect for my laundry room. It didn’t have a price tag. And I didn’t have money on me at the time so I just left it there. Mum picked it up and said lets ask how much it was anyway. She ended up getting it for me the cheek. Lol. Love her.

Started it the moment we got home and it is awesome. I used to cross stitch when I was a lot younger and it was fun then … still fun now.

It is going to be fantastic in my laundry room … perfect. Too funny.




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