Bento lunch boxes

Two days ago I ordered from the website “Little Bento World” and got my two kids the panino boxes.

Well .. they arrived today!! So excited!!


The purple for my oldest daughter and the green for my son. I tested the leak proof feature by putting water in it and yep … no leaks!! It lives up to it’s reputation and is awesome.

Just made their lunches for tomorrow. And they are all set.


I love not having to rush around every morning like a headless chook trying to get everyone dressed and ready and fed breaky and their lunches made for the day. This is much MUCH better. I can actually sit down and drink a coffee in the morning before I do the school run.

I highly recommend lunch boxes with separate compartments, preferably leak proof. Makes it all so much easier.

And bonus…. less plastic wrap. (Yes I do realise the stringy cheese and some treats will still be plastic wrapped, but it has drastically decreased).


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