Sewing machine

So today the husband surprised me. We were out at the mall running errands. We walk through Lincraft and look through all the sections and look through yarn and pattern books. Stumbled across the sewing machines and viewed them. Read up on all the different types. Different features. Value for money. Etc etc..

Was amazed at how many different types of sewing machines there were.

Didn’t get one at that moment. We drove to a different shop, Hobbysew.. very nice in there. So many different thing. I was surprised when I saw a sewing machine that was $13,000 😲.. that’s crazy!! We could get a cabin built in the backyard for that much lol. Their yarn and sewing bits and pieces were pretty good though.

We ended up back at Lincraft. Looked at two different machines and for only $100 more I got this Viking.


The features are really good and it’s perfect for a “beginner” so to speak.. I am way out of the sewing game. Use to sew a lot. Even started making a small quilt. But that was well over 10 years ago. I am definitely out of practice. Hoping to get back into the rhythm. So many things I can do with a sewing machine, some fabric, cross stitch and crochet.



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