Pillowcase dress

Well really it’s made out of a crib sheet, not a pillowcase. But same concept. Same pattern. Same design.

Was relatively easy. Definitely need a lot more practice, tonnes more. But it’s fun.

Put two a4 sheets of paper together. Glued them together so they didn’t move. Cut out the arm hole on only one side. Folded the fabric in half and traced it out. Cut it out. I did this twice so I had two pieces of fabric. Sewed a hem all around it. Placed it outer sides facing in and sewed up both sides together. Placed ribbon around the top. Pinned it in place and sewed the fabric around it not on it (so it could still move). Turned it right side out. And done.

It’s a bit wonky and the arm holes are too big. The ribbon looks like it is choking her. But it’s not too bad for my first try.







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