Baby blanket

The baby blanket that I am making for someone expecting their first baby is coming along very nicely. I am loving this stitch.

The crossed puff stitch.

I start with chains of 8 .. and added 6 on the end per the patterns instructions. I can’t remember exactly how many chains I made .. but it is the length of my arm stretched out from my fingers to my chest. Single stitched in the next stitch and the chained five. Chained 5 and did a puff stitch of 5 in each of the next 3 chains. Then skipped 4 chains and did a single crochet in the next chain. And continued on from there. The edge was a bit difficult and I found out why pictures of this stitch never show you the edges of them. It isn’t that appealing tbh. But hopefully with a nice border it’ll be better. It’s a bit difficult to explain how I did the edge of the row and moving on to the next row.. but I’ll give it a go. You continue the same. Chain 5 and do a puff stitch into that rows puff stitches.. each individual one and single crochet into the single crochet stitch. So it’s like having one on top of the other. And the the next lot would be on the next row and you chain five the do the 3 puff stitches of 5 into the 5 chain space.

If any of that made sense lol.


So far I have complete 6 rows. Doing three rows of colour each before changing to the next. Have already started on the next row and next colour. Moving at a good pace.



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