Definitely worth it

At first I was skeptical. Then open to the idea. Then wondering if it really was worth the amount of money.

Lunch boxes that is.

In one of my previous posts .. “Less Landfill” I talked about these lunch boxes that I bought. I didn’t want to spend the outrageous price for them so I got them off a site where they were cheaper. They turned out to be a “you get what you pay for” type. So for practice. Why not?

They are awesome! The idea. The concept. The type of lunches I am now making rather than your typical basic sandwiches, snack and bit of fruit. I make lunches the night before. Make a big batch of different foods to freeze for a couple of weeks.. (my freezer isn’t big enough for large amounts). Stick it in the box. And it’s thawed by lunch time. Perfect! And fun!

Figured I’d make the leap and go big. Why not?

Yumbox it is! I searched on which box would be best and ended up liking the panino box best. I got them off the Little Bento World website.

You may cringe and jump out of your seat and freak at the price tag. But to be honest .. I did too. Went back and forth and back and forth. I mean I couldn’t justify spending $40 each on lunch boxes. But then thinking about it. Reading reviews. They pay themselves off pretty quickly and last a very long time. And they are leak proof! I tested them as soon as they arrived… filled them up to the brim with water and shook it up and tilted it etc.. nothing leaked! 🙂 awesome!

Definitely worth it.

Here is all the lunches I’ve made so far .. so much fun coming up with ideas.




Probably sounding like a broken record by now lol. But just an update on how they are going a week later 🙂

Still going strong and not looking back.


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