Baking baking baking!

Well today was the last batch of frozen goods for the kids so I was baking like crazy today!

I’m glad it was today and not yesterday. The weather has been horrible and hot and gross lately. I hate summer.. can’t wait until winter comes.

Well back to baking..

I made ham and cheese egg muffins. Banana muffins. And mac n’ cheese muffins (these were a huge hit with the kids). 19 meals worth in total.

The egg was just made with 6 eggs, shredded ham, and shredded cheese. Seasoned it with salt, pepper and paprika. With a little milk in it. Whisked and baked in muffin tins for around 20 mins.

The mac n’ cheese was just a basic macaroni and cheese with tuna mixed in and placed in the muffin tray for 20 mins. I sprinkled some cheese on top too.

And the banana muffins recipe I got off pinterest this morning..

All of them were cooked at 180Ā°c oven temp.

Too easy. And all set for a fee weeks šŸ™‚


Marked them with permenant marker with what they are and the date I made them.


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