Not a bad harvest

This season in my vegetable garden was..

Red onion.. which I only got 1 bulb out of 2 plants.

Zucchini.. which I only got 1 from all the plants I had there.

Cherry tomatoes.. which are half dead but still produce quite a few tomatoes each week.

Cucumbers.. now these have been producing a lot. And the size of them have been huge!! Very delicious too.

Artichoke.. only got 2 from these and they were inedible due to insects 😦

Corn.. got eaten away by pests too. But I did manage to harvest a few ears of corn.

Capsicum.. are huge! And still growing and producing quite a few capsicums.

Carrots.. these were all grown into each other and looked like the odd bunch produce from woolies. But they were really nice tasting.

Spinach.. didn’t last long after the garden seeds started sprouting. I wonder if pairing them up with the carrots and sunflowers was the cultprit.

And the sunflowers were beautiful and very tall! We still have about 6 of them sprouting from the main stalks.

This season wasn’t too bad. Had trouble with pests eating away at it but I got some garlic and onion pest control spray from Bunnings and that seemed to help a little. What really killed my plants though (except the cucumbers, tomatoes and capsicums) was this horrible weather. We’ve been having heat waves. And sadly no amount of water or seasol has helped. Hopefully though the next season will be a good one.

Some of what I have harvested..





Can’t wait till next season!!

I should clean up the dead parts and let them rest here soon.


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