Daith piercing

So all the hype about the daith piercing got me intrigued. I researched and asked around about the claim of it helping ease or getting rid of migraines. I myself suffer from severe headaches and migraines and medicating them almost daily.

According to one piercer the daith was originally pierced for wisdom in ancient times. I thought that was pretty cool. A nice bit of history. It wasn’t until last year or so that it was said to help with migraines.. which some say it helps, others say it doesn’t and other say it made them worse.

But between poisoning myself daily with all this medication I am taking and a piercing that may or may not help .. then I am all for trying new things. Desperation is a funny thing.

So this afternoon at about 2pm I ventured out and got a daith piercing. I had a really bad headache when I got it done and it hasn’t been back since and it’s now 6:30.

I’m hoping it is the reason my headache has gone away. *fingers crossed*


I shall keep you all updated.


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