Tonight for dinner we had rissoles. It’s a family favourite. We didn’t do our weekly shop on Sunday.. instead we decided to just grab basics – milk, butter, bread. And just use up what ever we have in the house for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Just to clear out the fridge and pantry. We do this every once in a while. Saves us some money and stops us from wasting a bunch of food. I once read an article of a woman not shopping for 3 months. And only going to the shop for milk. She made her own bread and butter and used every single item they had. She also had chickens that laid their own eggs so she never really ran out of eggs. It really put things into perspective. But I couldn’t go THAT long without doing a grocery shop. I’m not that creative in my cooking haha. The longest I have had us go without doing a grocery shop is 3 weeks. We cleared everything out and we had some pretty interesting meals. So I decided to do this every now and again. It really helps.

So tonight out of what we had in the kitchen I made rissoles.

600g beef mince.

1 large carrot grated.

1 small onion grated.

1 egg.

1tbsp tomato sauce.

1tbsp bbq sauce.

1tbsp maple syrup.

1/2 cup breadcrumbs.

Pinch of salt and pepper.

Couple big pinches each of thyme, parsley, basil, and oregano.

Small pinch of garlic powder.


And here is the easy part.. combine it all in a bowl.. mix it up really good with your hands. Form large rissoles.


Now you can cook it how ever you like.. pan, bbq, grill or oven. I myself love cooking rissoles in the oven. So I preheated at 180°C and cooked for around 40 minutes.

You can serve them up with anything you want to.. tonight I cooked up some veggies in the microwave. 🙂


Too easy. If you want something quick and simple.. this is definitely a good meal to have.



2 thoughts on “Rissoles

  1. what a great idea… i do shopping almost every day, but i just like strolling through supermarkets. it always makes me get lots of unnecessary stuff. my both freezers and pantry are completely full, so i might need to give it a try once in a while 😊

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