So much to do!!

Super busy lately! The baby blanket I have been working on is almost finished. Which is great!

Found out last week that a friend is also expecting her first! There must be something in the water lol. It better stay away from me I swear! No thank you haha.

I would love to gift her a baby blanket too. I have the perfect pattern for that.


Lovely pattern. Looks fun to do. She is already 30 weeks though so I need to get a move on if I’m going to make it in time. She is wanting it to be a surprise so this one would need to be neutral too.. I quite like the colours in this picture so I may use something similar to it.

Also another project I have started a few days ago. My mother in law is really sick and not doing well. I’m making her a lap blanket to keep her warm and with her while she rests. Hubs side is Polish so it will be red and white in colour. 🙂 I’m making it like a “boho” pattern.. I think that’s what it’s called. Going to be all different pieces and sized squares all stitched together.



Better get to it!


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