One of the easiest meals

And it is delicious. One of my friends shared this recipe on their FB and I had o try it out. I am always trying out recipes that I see being shared around and this one is a keeper. It is a very light meal too so that’s a bonus. Doesn’t make you feel heavy afterwards.

Here is the recipe if anyone is interested.

It is called egg roll in a bowl. Now for my own though I don’t like sausage meat, I find it very oily so I don’t cook with it and any meal that calls for sausage I just use beef mince instead. Most of the time it works out. But sometimes when making .. oh .. lets say biscuitsĀ and gravy. You can’t not use that sausage meat.

Basically all it is, is the meat, red and green cabbage, carrots, spring onion, sesame oil, and soy sauce.

Brown the meat. Add the cabbage and carrot. Soften. Add the oil and sauce. Then add the spring onion. And done.

So easy. So delicious.




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