On a roll!

I am currently working on 3 different blankets. 2 baby and 1 lap.

The crossed puff stitch will be for our close friend who is wanting it to be a surprise. She is currently around 30 weeks. I really should finish that blanket first. It is almost finished. Though I haven’t worked on it since last updating. It is still sitting on my craft shelf in the bag I am using for it to hold all my yarn along with the blanket. It’s amazing though. Very happy with how it’s turned out.


Couple days now I’ve been working on the other baby blanket. She has found out that she is expecting a girl so I will be using up my pink yarn I’ve had for a long time … finally lol. She is due in May, so not for a little bit still. It is coming together very nicely and very quickly. The pattern I am using is called a “beautiful shell blanket”.. found it on pinterest, but found it easier to start off following a youtube tutorial. Loving the colours.


And as for the lap blanket.. it’s a patchwork pattern. Just random. I’m not following an actual pattern, but making sure to measure and count stitches to make sure it’ll all fit together. I am loving the squares I have so far. And the rectangular pieces I have so far too.


Started with that table length double stitch. And the large granny square. Since then I have made two different squares.


And a rectangular houndstooth stitch piece. I love that stitch. It’s fun to work with. And so easy to switch between the two colours. I just stitch over the other colour and hide it in the row and swap over and continue with the next colour in the next row and hide the other colour again.


Busy busy busy. It’s almost midnight here so no more crocheting for tonight. Back at it tomorrow! My wrists are going to hate me when all is done. Going to need a break when I’m finished that’s for sure.


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