Kind of making it up as I go..

Another two weeks of only buying milk and bread clearing out the fridge and pantry.. I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner tonight. Looked at everything I had. I needed to use up some of the vegetables we had in the fridge still.. zucchini, sweet potato, red onions, capsicums, carrots… all good for a roast.


Chopped them up in big pieces and put some of my shaved almonds on top. And stuck it in the oven for .. not sure how long lol. Been a while since I’ve roasted veggies… thinking 40-50 min on 190. I’ll check in on it while I baste the chicken breast. I had chicken thawed and didn’t now what to do with it. So left it whole and marinated it with a bbq sauce and worcestershire sauce mixture. And stuck it into the oven with the veggies (on a different pan though) and am going to spoon over the mixture every now and then.


Hopefully it turns out alright. It smells so good though. I love my clear out weeks. Dinner is always different and always wing it. 🙂 99% of the time it is a winner lol.

Off I go to figure out another side dish to go with it. I usually have a protein and two sides.


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