For some bizarre reason

I always though that drumsticks would be difficult to cook.. so I never tried. Never cooked them.

Yesterday we went to the butcher and got meat because we were out. Time to restock the freezer. The two weeks of clearing out are finished so we got some nice meat for some nice meals. Got some chuck steak for stews, and some lamb for stews too… tis the season. Got a few round steaks. Some chicken breast. Sausages. And beef mince. Enough for a month. As we always do.. buy meat in bulk from the butcher and fill the freezer. It is a lot easier this way for us. And hubs bought drumsticks… 20 drumsticks to be exact. So I caved and agreed. Alright how exactly am I going to do this.

Google away lol. Who doesn’t ask google for directions these days.

Anyway .. well find out, it is actually really simple to cook these things. Who knew.. obviously not me.

Well I ended up marinating them in my bbq worcestershire marinade.. figured I’d keep it even simpler for now and work my way up to more complex flavour once I master cooking drumsticks. Tossed them onto a couple baking trays and into the oven at 190°C for 30 minutes.

O M G .. yes it was an oh em gee moment as my preteen exclaimed. The meat and skin was falling off the bone and it was just beautiful. Mouth wateringly (not a word I know.. oh well *shrug* ) delicious. Made some roast veggies and mash to go with it. Yum!

Definitely on the menu more often.

And to make it even better.. there are PLENTY leftover that I can use for chicken soup tomorrow. Perfect!



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