Harmony Day

What is harmony day? Harmony day is a day we celebrate every March 21st. It represents equality in all cultures. Where everyone wears something orange.

images (1)

All the schools celebrate and have games and activities. And all the kids can wear their traditional culture clothes or come in wearing something orange. Now around this time of the year it is near impossible to find anything orange for the kids. Went looking in all the shops and couldn’t find anything. So time to get creative and DIY! 🙂

Came up with a few ideas.. fingerless gloves, beanies, scarves, leg warmers.. etc.

Searched for patterns that are child sized for a 10-year-old. That way both my kids would fit in them.

Leg warmers… nah.

Scarves.. nah.

Fingerless gloves.. nah. They’d have to take them off to eat and other stuff.

Beanies would work. And they love beanies.

Found a basic double crochet pattern. I actually think it’s the same pattern I used for my son’s Pokemon beanie. This time they turned out great!

My daughter wanted a light blue flower on hers. She requested for it to be rather large and sticking out. Did my best to make a rose. Basically was a row of half double crochet. Then 24 shells. 3 lots and each lot of shells bigger than the last. 8 small, 8 medium and 8 large. And starting with the small shells I rolled them up and sewed it together. Not great, but it works lol.

The finished product though they absolutely love and wore them to school today.. (today is the day that their school chose to celebrate due to them having tennis on Tuesday).

They were so proud to wear their beanies today. Things like this is why I love to crochet. 🙂





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