On this episode of .. I can’t stick to just one project.

I know it has been a while since I last updated. But not much has happened in the last couple weeks. It has been pretty quiet. Which is always nice.

Took a small break from crocheting because my wrists were hurting a fair bit. Then got struck down with a flu and every joint in my body was hurting for a few days. So I was pretty much bed and couch bound until I wasn’t in as much pain. Though I still had to make school runs and look after the toddler… a mother’s job is never done, as the saying goes. Don’t get much down time, if any at all.

Been feeling better the last couple days. Saw this one pattern on a crochet afghan blankets page I follow. They called it an “apache tears afghan” which many would think it in bad taste to call it that .. so if you want it could probably be called an “apache arrow” or apache feather” .. maybe? The finished product does look like arrows too. Maybe even feathers.

I thought it would be an awesome project to do and I’m part Native American too.

Anyway .. 🙂

I went to my yarn supplier (dollar store dude lol) and asked if he had some tans and browns for me. A nice grey too. Spent $80 there.. heh. Got four colours, 10 skeins of each colour, 100g each. And they are 8ply acrylics. Not a bad deal if I do say so myself. I love going there for yarn.

With this blankent I am working in 5s. And working from right to left. It is very easy. 4sc in the back loops, then a dc in the front loop of a couple rows under. And just continue till the end and tie off and leaving a long string at each end.


It is very fun and cool.

As for my other project. The bavarian stitch blanket. I am still working on that too. Turning out very well. And the colours just pop.


Still not sure on what size it will be. Guess I will know when I get there and be like .. “yep this is the size I want it” lol.

Well off I go working some more on my apache blanket. Little one needs a nap first.

Until next time.


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