Been a while

Since I have last updated. This past week got away from me between being sick and kids having extra activities going on at their school during the last week of the term.

Now with it being the first week of holidays we are busy playing board games and cards and hanging out with movies. Family fun stuff. Haven’t picked up a hook in about a week or so. Since my last update really. I really need to get some work done. Winter is coming up fast so I’d like to finish that arrow afghan I started not long ago.

Ran into a problem with my bavarian stitch blanket though. I ran out of that orange I was using. Lost the code for that colour. So now I will have to run around everywhere trying to colour match it. Pain in the … you know what. I need to keep better track of all my yarn. I need better storage for it. Because I could’ve sworn I had more of that colour in there somewhere.

**edit** … I found the code! But it being a new batch it is a different hue to my last batch. Same code though. It still looks okay though.

I have also been browsing YouTube and Pinterest and came across a daisy granny square blanket. It looks lovely and simple. I have the yarn for it…. well I hope so anyway, lol. May use up scraps for it too. For my next project when these two are finished of course. Don’t want to take on too much.

Once the kids go to bed tonight I should crochet some more.

Which should be soon .. hopefully.

Need some down time.


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