Community Markets

Been rather quiet here lately. I’ve been busy crocheting my Bavarian blanket. I’m hoping to finish it here soon. I am going to set up at a stall at our community market next month and sell a bunch of stuff. It is getting pretty big. Once I run out of another colour that will be the end of it. It is about the size of a lap blanket now. So might end up the size of a small throw for someones chair or couch.

They hold markets every first Saturday of the month and people from our local community set up their tables and sell stuff. One woman was selling some of her stash and I got it for a great price! Cotton wool 50g 8ply.. 5 rolls for $4! I still can’t believe it.


I can’t wait to make something with it. Maybe a scarf since winter is coming. That would be nice.

Unfortunately I won’t be gifting those 2 baby blankets I made. The women they were for aren’t answering any calls or texts or other forms of contact. It has been quite a while now. It’s a bit upsetting.. but maybe someone else might want them. I’ll give them a little while longer still. Hopefully I will hear from them soon.

Going to make some beanies to sell. Some bun beanies as well. Couple shawls. And maybe another couple of blankets.

I’m looking forward to this market stall 🙂 I really hope it does well. I have till the first Saturday of next month to plan it all out.


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