So ..

I have made the kids a few beanies in this past year of crocheting. Really fun to do.

Well, my oldest has worn a couple of them to school and her friends have expresses interest in them and a couple have asked if they may have one too.

Sure you can!!! I’m happy to make you girls a beanie. I’d love to. 🙂

A few days ago I went crazy yarn shopping and got 142 balls of yarn. Heh … oops. Lol. I may have a little bit of a problem. Maybe? Aw well. Haha

I couldn’t resist!! Aldi had a special buys special of yarn! 8ply 100g acrylic for $1.49 each! Bargain! So I emptied a couple of stores. Lol

Well since I have all this yarn to use up… beanies for all!!

I decided to jazz them up a bit and make them double stranded instead of just the one strand. And have them chunky. Perfect!

Made them a bit bigger than the pattern for teens said so that the bottom could be rolled up.. or the could have it slouch a little at the top. Totally up to them. It’s not elastic so it’s quite loose-fitting on the head.. which is always nice. Tight fitting beanies can get annoying after a while and make you feel claustrophobic because your head isn’t breathing as well. If that makes sense.

10-11 year olds. I don’t think they’d really care either way though.

So onto the beanies! They have turned out just fabulous.

I used my go to double crochet beanie pattern that I always use, just make adjustments if I’m doing a specific beanie design or whatnot.

It is a great pattern to follow for a basic beanie. I used this to make my son’s Pokémon beanie..


And also used it for my daughter’s little butterfly design beanie..


Just make adjustments to fit what you want. Too easy.

Now for the current set. I still need 5 more. But here we are..


Double stranded with 2 different colours.

Made my oldest one too, she loved how they felt and looked and asked if she could have a pompom on top of hers..


Perfect! Just awesome. Love them. Might use this to make myself a bun beanie.

Off I go to make 5 more. Toodles!


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