My beanie adventure

Thanks to those kids at my daughters school for being my guinea pigs. I have now perfected my chunky beanies. 🙂

I have a simple double crochet beanie pattern. Thing is though … it is for a single strand beanie. And I was double stranding the yarn to make it chunky.

This was creating a big bump in the beanie.. what I like to call the “ponytail” bump. Because if you wear your hair up and then wear a beanie you get this bump where your ponytail is. And that is exactly what was happening.

On the right in the picture if you can see it. My hook is pointing to it.


Well at first I thought.. hey maybe it is because I’m not including the chain as a stitch. So I started to include it and count it as a stitch. Well that lessened the bump quite a bit actually. But then it was still happening. So I went in search for a solution and came across a 30 minute DC chunky beanie pattern.

It is the same pattern I’ve been using … only in reverse! I would have never have thought to reverse the pattern. Well I am glad to announce that it have worked! The only thing I changed was the amount of increasing rows. I did 6 instead of 5. And then 12 rows total instead of 11. And using an 8mm hook.

Finally finished! 12 beanies total. My beanies have turned out perfect! The last six beanies for those kids are amazing. And their colour choices are great too. My favourite is the pineapple looking one. 🙂


I can say that I am now comfortable enough with my work to try to start selling at market places and perhaps creating a little shop. Maybe .. we will see.

Practice makes perfect.

Until next time 🙂


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