If you are a fellow hooker or knitter.. then you probably know all about CAKES!

Well my birthday was a little bit ago and my parents gave me a gift card for Spotlight. Guess where we went? Lol. Spotlight!! I can’t believe I have never been to one before. It is bakers and crafters heaven… oh my gods! Just bliss.. I loved it.

I went to their yarn section and it was incredible the amount of yarn they had. Now I didn’t browse. I normally stay for an hour or so and just browse everything, but I had tunnel vision and went straight for the cakes. I wanted to try these cakes everyone talks about. And now I know why.. they are beautiful. The colourways. The feel. They are so soft. But pricey .. caron cake is $15 per 200g ball. Holy … wow. Sadly it’s a once off. Went to Lincraft and Hubs bought me some Lincraft cakes.. Lincraft now has them for $10 per 200g ball. Still pricey but not AS bad. And the same results. Beautiful colourways and so very soft too.



Treated myself to a wonderful scarf pattern. Searched high and low for the perfect scarf for me and found this…

The Autumn Chill Angled Super Scarf by Left in Knots. It is perfect. It is me. And so easy to follow!

Now my tensions must be looser than hers because I came up short with my two balls of caron cake cookies and cream. When she said it took a full 2 balls to finish. When the pattern in a repeat rows 2-7 4 more times.. I could only repeat it 3 more times. I tried to finish the fourth row and came up very short. So I only did 3. It is wide enough though and still a great scarf. I love it. And keeps me very warm.


On to my next project. 🙂


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