Got my first order

It is really quite exciting! Lol. I’m all giddy.

It is only a small order. But still an order nonetheless.

One of the teachers at my oldest’s school has loved the beanies the kids have and has offered to pay for one. She has left it entirely up to me. The pressure .. omg. The pressure to find the perfect beanie. It’s difficult. I don’t want to disappoint her.

Went searching and came across this pattern from another blog that was shared in a group I follow.

Puff stitch beanie. Looks so nice. Feels even nicer.

Now when I first made it I went for an adult large and use my 5.5mm hook and one of my cakes. I got Lincraft and Caron cakes for my birthday not long ago! So exciting.

Well turns out my tension is too loose. My hook too big, even though I’m using the correct one. It ended up being HUGE.. but it made a perfect slouch beanie. So I am going to keep it and flog it somewhere. So it’s not a loss.


The colours are just wonderful. But the order was for a regular beanie not a slouch beanie so I made another one. Tightened up my tension. Used a 5mm hook this time. And made the small adult size. Just to see if it’d be a good size. Well it was significantly smaller than the first beanie. So much so it wouldn’t fit an adult. But it fit snug on my (almost) 10yo lol. So I added a flower on to it and gave it to her. Heh oops.


I need to figure out a good tension and gauge to make something around the middle of these two. Great practice though and learning lessons of tensions, gauges and hook sizes. Perfect! And they aren’t flops. They can be gifted or sold. So no losses here.


Off to make the perfect sized beanie.


4 thoughts on “Got my first order

  1. when i make hats, i never use a pattern, there is a simple formula to calculate the size. you need to meassure the crown of the hat properly, and then the circumference​ will fit as well. google is full of charts for different hat sizes.

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