Been a busy little bee

A lot of crochet happening here lately. Have been making shawls, beanies, blankets .. etc etc.

So much fun.

Since May I have made:

2 virus shawls,


2 puff stitch beanies, 1 puff stitch slouch beanie,


over 20 double strand chunky beanies,


2 double strand fp and bp stitches,


1 toddler bear beanie,


1 scarf,


1 cable stitch bun beanie,


1 Solomon’s knot shawl,


1 dream catcher


And a minion beanie (which was a practice.. pretty messed up but my son likes it so he kept it lol.)


Phew.. been fun though!! Making enough items for my up coming stall. Should be fun. I’ve never had a stall set up before but I’m both nervous and excited.

And also to add to my excitement.. those two baby blankets.. they didn’t end up with the people who they were meant to be for. Unfortunately they left me high and dry and never returned any messages or calls etc. But they have been sold and are currently on their way to their new owner. Where I hope they will be loved and appreciated. So my 2nd sale! That’s awesome.


I am also in the progress of making my other mother inlaw a virus shawl. I love how this shawl works up. It’s just a wonderful stitch. I am using a Lincraft cake in the colour thunderstorm. It is so soft and nice. I hope she likes it.


That’s all for now. What an amazing journey crocheting has been. And many, many more projects to come.

Til next time 🙂


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