Still going strong

Normally when I start a new idea, follow a new “trend”, etc… I tend to lose focus after a while. Lose that desire to continue. Lose the motivation to keep it going.

Well I am quite surprised and pleased that this is still going strong.

My kids lunches!

Still making them at night. Still changing it up every day or every other day. Try new things some days. And the kids are still very much loving them.

Here is some of their lunches I’ve made since last sharing about them..













I try and make foods that will freeze well and thaw out for lunch for them. We are currently trying out mini ham and cheese pizzas. My daughter loves them. My son doesn’t. They also love cottage cheese and jam. Which they get quite often. On my birthday I had a strawberry cheesecake so I packed them a small slice in their lunches for the next day. They like their make shift lunchable days where I slice up ham and cheese and they get crackers. They love how it’s leak proof so they can have apple sauce and yoghurts. I make them little pancakes too and they get some jam in the centre slot to spread on them. Always some fruit. And my daughter some veggies too. They are so awesome. Wish I had used them sooner.

Still going strong though. Holidays are coming up soon.. going to plan some new freezeable foods to make and pack them. đŸ™‚

So much fun.


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