Due to a horrible sickness I have been MIA these past few weeks. It has been awful and I am finally on the mend.

During this sickness though I lost my crojo… it is my crochet mojo. I just haven’t felt in the mood to crochet anything. So a lot of WiPs got put on hold and forgotten about.

It wasn’t until tonight where I felt like working on a project. My husband’s mother isn’t well and we are going to visit this weekend so that kicked my butt back into gear to finish the blanket I have started making for her.

It is going to be filled with all different colours and in a corner to corner stitch (c2c). It has worked up quickly so I am hoping if I have my crojo back, to be able to finish it by this weekend. Hopefully.

Have worked up one row already tonight. It will be just bigger than a lap blanket.


It wouldn’t fit flat on my coffee table, it’s a bit too big for it, so I folded it a bit to give you a good shot of the colours. It’s just lovely.

That’s all for tonight! 🙂

Til’ next time.


One thought on “Crojo

  1. I hear you about crojo – i misplaced my sewjo for several years I’m embarrassed to say. Found a mostly finished quilt in storage (something I was making for my daughter…..) pulled it out on the weekend and just got stuck in. I forgot how much I love to quilt and how satisfying it is to see a project come together and I can still watch my favorite tv shows. I’m back!

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