Due to a horrible sickness I have been MIA these past few weeks. It has been awful and I am finally on the mend. During this sickness though I lost my crojo… it is my crochet mojo. I just haven’t felt in the mood to crochet anything. So a lot of WiPs got put on […]

Another virus done..

Only a short update today… It has been a while since I finished that virus shawl I was making for my other mother inlaw.. been busy working on other prohects and dealing with family stuff that I forgot to update! It has turned out fantastic and may be my best one yet. It so warm […]

Been a busy little bee

A lot of crochet happening here lately. Have been making shawls, beanies, blankets .. etc etc. So much fun. Since May I have made: 2 virus shawls, 2 puff stitch beanies, 1 puff stitch slouch beanie, over 20 double strand chunky beanies, 2 double strand fp and bp stitches, 1 toddler bear beanie, 1 scarf, […]


  If you are a fellow hooker or knitter.. then you probably know all about CAKES! Well my birthday was a little bit ago and my parents gave me a gift card for Spotlight. Guess where we went? Lol. Spotlight!! I can’t believe I have never been to one before. It is bakers and crafters […]

Got my first order

It is really quite exciting! Lol. I’m all giddy. It is only a small order. But still an order nonetheless. One of the┬áteachers at my oldest’s school has loved the beanies the kids have and has offered to pay for one. She has left it entirely up to me. The pressure .. omg. The pressure […]

My beanie adventure

Thanks to those kids at my daughters school for being my guinea pigs. I have now perfected my chunky beanies. ­čÖé I have a simple double crochet beanie pattern. Thing is though … it is for a single strand beanie. And I was double stranding the yarn to make it chunky. This was creating a […]