WiP crazy!

As most of you know .. I simply cannot just do one project at a time. I see all these amazing creations and have to do them.. no. I NEED to do them, lol. This brings me to where I am now. I have over … well I don’t know how many really. So many […]

Hoth – Dog coat

Hello everyone. Sorry I have been MIA. Been in a bit of a funk and haven’t picked up a hook or any other craft or hobby in a long time. Didn’t have any motivation. A little while ago my poor little pup got stuck in a huge prickle bush, we call this specific prickle “farmer’s […]

Using up my cakes

Been a while since I’ve updated and shared anything. Sorry for that, it has been such a busy holiday for us between house renovations, visiting friends and family, birthday parties to attend, and just general business. Time got away and I didn’t realise it had already been a month since I last wrote anything. Had a wonderful […]


The Mermaid Blanket Has taken such a long time. Was annoying and tedious. And all of those ends that had to be weaved in.. omg. But in the end .. it all came together. Quite happy with it. My first ever mermaid blanket. Off a YouTube pattern. Think I did okay .. though the fin […]

Need a break

This month has been insane. Not bad .. but extremely busy and just crazy. We have been fixing up the house and renovating the back yard. Working on it every other night with halogen work lamps in the dark so we can see and then every weekend as well. I am absolutely buggered. It’ll be […]