Been a busy little bee

A lot of crochet happening here lately. Have been making shawls, beanies, blankets .. etc etc. So much fun. Since May I have made: 2 virus shawls, 2 puff stitch beanies, 1 puff stitch slouch beanie, over 20 double strand chunky beanies, 2 double strand fp and bp stitches, 1 toddler bear beanie, 1 scarf, […]

Harmony Day

What is harmony day? Harmony day is a day we celebrate every March 21st. It represents equality in all cultures. Where everyone wears something orange. All the schools celebrate and have games and activities. And all the kids can wear their traditional culture clothes or come in wearing something orange. Now around this time of […]

For some bizarre reason

I always though that drumsticks would be difficult to cook.. so I never tried. Never cooked them. Yesterday we went to the butcher and got meat because we were out. Time to restock the freezer. The two weeks of clearing out are finished so we got some nice meat for some nice meals. Got some […]

Pillowcase dress

Well really it’s made out of a crib sheet, not a pillowcase. But same concept. Same pattern. Same design. Was relatively easy. Definitely need a lot more practice, tonnes more. But it’s fun. Put two a4 sheets of paper together. Glued them together so they didn’t move. Cut out the arm hole on only one […]

Christmas Day .. a little late :)

Christmas was a fantastic day. Everything was organised and just perfect. The night before Santa came and gave the kids their main gift and stocking stuffers (a couple wouldn’t fit in the stocking lol .. oops) Everyone got what they’ve “always wanted”. The morning of the kids ran into our room and jumped on the […]