Still going strong

Normally when I start a new idea, follow a new “trend”, etc… I tend to lose focus after a while. Lose that desire to continue. Lose the motivation to keep it going. Well I am quite surprised and pleased that this is still going strong. My kids lunches! Still making them at night. Still changing […]

Pressure cooker

Best purchase ever. Took me a good while to find the right one. I wanted a stove top cooker, not the electric instant pot type of pressure cooker. Every year when the weather cools down is when I pull it out and start making stews. 30 minutes stews. How amazing is that. Perfect. Easy. Fast. […]

For some bizarre reason

I always though that drumsticks would be difficult to cook.. so I never tried. Never cooked them. Yesterday we went to the butcher and got meat because we were out. Time to restock the freezer. The two weeks of clearing out are finished so we got some nice meat for some nice meals. Got some […]


Tonight for dinner we had rissoles. It’s a family favourite. We didn’t do our weekly shop on Sunday.. instead we decided to just grab basics – milk, butter, bread. And just use up what ever we have in the house for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Just to clear out the fridge and pantry. We do […]

On the menu tonight

Haven’t had a dinner post in a while. So I thought I’d share. Tonight the menu said Chicken skewers. I make a weekly menu and shop only ingredients and basics during our weekly grocery shop. This week is .. We only have chicken left in the freezer so this week is only chicken meals. Next […]