Not a bad harvest

This season in my vegetable garden was.. Red onion.. which I only got 1 bulb out of 2 plants. Zucchini.. which I only got 1 from all the plants I had there. Cherry tomatoes.. which are half dead but still produce quite a few tomatoes each week. Cucumbers.. now these have been producing a lot. […]

Veggie patch progress

I am amazed! My  vegetables have had a huge growth spurt. Quite a few vegetables are now growing. Have fixed my irrigation system. Watering it in the morning for about 20  minutes and in the evening  for another 20 minutes is helping quite a lot. Our days here are getting quite hot, between 30°C to […]

Veggie patch part 5 – growth spurt

Been a while since I have updated about my vegetable garden! With watering every second night and seasol every 2 weeks and weeding daily. We have some great growth happening! I was concerned there for a while of my capsicums not growing very much, but these past couple days I have noticed that they are bigger […]

Veggie Patch part 4 – Growth!

We have more growth!! So exciting. Just a short update on my vegetable garden.. It is growing very well. The ONLY plant not growing at all has been my rockmelon.. And it was my favourite too.. So sad about that. I was thinking of maybe planting another round of rockmelon, but not sure if that […]

Veggie Patch part 2

Well today little miss went down for a nap at 11am. I figured.. woohoo!! Time to get gardening! Now here in Australia our sun is just horrible and harsh. Having sensitive skin on my face I need to be sun smart and protect it. Well.. wasn’t very smart today. I went outside and got started. […]

Veggie Patch part 1

Yesterday and today we ventured out to Masters. Their whole chain of shops is closing down so they are having huge sales on atm. Score! They are a homeware hardware type shop. Well we ended up getting 7 bags of manure. 4 bags of potting mix. 3 bags of tomato and veggie booster with blood […]