Short little update..

On my daith piercing.. I am amazed. It is great. And it has worked for me. Since getting it on the 18th .. I have only had one small headache since. It has greatly reduced. I went from having severe headaches daily and migraines to just 1 in the past 21 days. I love it […]

On a roll!

I am currently working on 3 different blankets. 2 baby and 1 lap. The crossed puff stitch will be for our close friend who is wanting it to be a surprise. She is currently around 30 weeks. I really should finish that blanket first. It is almost finished. Though I haven’t worked on it since […]

Daith piercing

So all the hype about the daith piercing got me intrigued. I researched and asked around about the claim of it helping ease or getting rid of migraines. I myself suffer from severe headaches and migraines and medicating them almost daily. According to one piercer the daith was originally pierced for wisdom in ancient times. […]

Onto a new project

Figured it’s time to start on a new project since my big blanket is finished! Have decided to make a double sized blanket for the house. Something simple but still nice. Found a block stitch pattern on pinterest and have decided on black for the base colour and bright random colours for the single stitches.. […]

Time away

This past week I had to step away from the phone, pc, laptop and any other reading devices and projects. I kept getting excruciating headaches so I decided to get my eyes checked again. Turns out I was going cross-eyed everytime I was reading or looking down or closely at something and really focused on […]

Got more done

Today was another dance lesson and hooray! Got more done. The toddler was actually happy and well-behaved today. Was great. Lovely weather too so I sat outside and crocheted more on my blanket while they played. Got two rows done this time. Each row is taking longer now that it’s getting bigger. Loving it! Think […]


A few months ago I got given three colouring books. Tranquil, Secret garden and patterns. I am loving it. I used to take art back at school. I used to draw all the time. Used to paint. Used to use pastels. Used to do a lot of arts and crafts. I miss doing that. Ever […]