My beanie adventure

Thanks to those kids at my daughters school for being my guinea pigs. I have now perfected my chunky beanies. 🙂 I have a simple double crochet beanie pattern. Thing is though … it is for a single strand beanie. And I was double stranding the yarn to make it chunky. This was creating a […]


So .. I have made the kids a few beanies in this past year of crocheting. Really fun to do. Well, my oldest has worn a couple of them to school and her friends have expresses interest in them and a couple have asked if they may have one too. Sure you can!!! I’m happy […]

Community Markets

Been rather quiet here lately. I’ve been busy crocheting my Bavarian blanket. I’m hoping to finish it here soon. I am going to set up at a stall at our community market next month and sell a bunch of stuff. It is getting pretty big. Once I run out of another colour that will be the […]

Pressure cooker

Best purchase ever. Took me a good while to find the right one. I wanted a stove top cooker, not the electric instant pot type of pressure cooker. Every year when the weather cools down is when I pull it out and start making stews. 30 minutes stews. How amazing is that. Perfect. Easy. Fast. […]

Been a while

Since I have last updated. This past week got away from me between being sick and kids having extra activities going on at their school during the last week of the term. Now with it being the first week of holidays we are busy playing board games and cards and hanging out with movies. Family […]

Harmony Day

What is harmony day? Harmony day is a day we celebrate every March 21st. It represents equality in all cultures. Where everyone wears something orange. All the schools celebrate and have games and activities. And all the kids can wear their traditional culture clothes or come in wearing something orange. Now around this time of […]