Less landfill

Making the switch ..

As intimidating as it seems, I have decided to lessen the amount of landfill we create as  a family of 5.

Lunches contain packaging and ziplock bags. And between my husband and 2 kids in school .. that amounts to quite a lot.

I bought some easylunchboxes new lunch boxes to take care of that. No more ziplock bags. No more plastic packaging. Everything cooked and made the night before. Starting in the new school year.


(Turns out that these are not the actual easylunchboxes .. but knockoffs. The real easylunchboxes are from this website http://www.easylunchboxes.com .. you live and you learn people. Sorry to the owner of easylunchboxes. Your product is amazing and a lot of people are now replicating it and selling for cheap.)

Other household items like earbuds, cotton face washes, dish sponges and body scrubs.. etc etc etc..

I could make all those!

I was browsing pinterest for some diy household items that are reusable and washable and crocheted. Found heaps! This one in particular caught my eye. Easy pattern to follow and I can make a few of them to keep in the cupboard for when the one needs to be washed. I could even personalise them for each person so everyone has their own scrubs. I would love to make these. On the other pages there are also patterns for face scrubs and dishcloths. This is why I love searching crochet on pinterest. Get the pattern on idea from there. And if the pattern is difficult to follow .. that’s when I turn to YouTube and see if I can find the pattern or similar pattern on there and watch the person make it.

Here is the link to the body scrubber I found.. very easy pattern to follow.

Saturday Freebie: Funky Peony Scrubbie Crochet Pattern

Can’t wait to get started!


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